Kent Magruder - Ford Drag Team Capt. - 2012 Mustang GT at Pacific Raceways


Jeff Eason of the Ford Drag Team - 1972 Mach 1 wins the finals race #3 at Bremerton, Raceway June 2007




Jeremy Holm - Saleen Tribute car


Scott Cedargreen - S/C Ford Lightning



Dennis McGinnis

Jesse Magruder - Ford Torino GT

E.J. Novotny - Turbo Mustang



Doug Anderson - Ford Mustang GT


Derick Clary - Turbo Mustang


Todd Wilkinson - Ford Mustang GT


Todd Eggebraaten - Bullitt Mustang


Mike Lattin - S/C Gurney Cyclone


Matt Eiler - Ford Mustang GT


Marcie Green - Ford Tornio GT (Driving her brothers car)


Marc Barnhardt - Cobra Mustang


Kelly Rath - Roush Mustang


John Madden - S/C Cobra Mustang


John Lemma - Ford Mustang GT


Jim Rose - S/C Cobra Mustang


Jesse Magruder - (driving Kent Magruder's) Ford Mustang GT 350 Tribute car


Sue Magruder - Ford F-100


Jerod Barnhardt - Mercury Capri


Jay Eggebraaten - S/C Cobra Mustang


Jason Cooper - Ford Maverick


Garvie Cooper - Ford Mustang LX


Dave Carman - Ford Mustang Mach 1


Sue Magruder - S/C Ford Mustang GT 350